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Business in the Cloud

Since 2001 we have been building custom web-based applications. Web-based (or Cloud if you'd rather) means there is never anything for you to install. Our solutions have:

  • Clean user-interfaces

    Drawing on our expertise in Human Factors engineering, our web applications are insanley easy to use. With no instruction, most users are able to get up and running. With a little instruction, most of your users will be able to utilize the full capability of the system we develop for you.

  • Member-only areas

    Your customers can view custom information based on their role with your company or organization. Once you know who is looking at your website, you can begin to customize their experience based on their history, relationship to you as a customer, and anything else you choose to track about your users.

  • eCommerce capability

    We can build custom interfaces to all the popular online payment methods including shopping carts, recurring payments, and a host of other online payment needs.

  • Content Management

    You will no longer be locked in to needing an HTML expert to update your website. We build applications where you are able to update the content on any page, directly from the web interface. Add pictures, news, blogs, and any other information.

Business on the Ground

It is not enough to build great systems. Real people need to be able to use them. You don't have time to train everyone in your organization for weeks to get them up to speed. Systems should be rational and fill a need. We call this business on the ground.

  • Detailed Requirements Gathering

    Our first job is to listen. We will work with you and your staff to understand the issues with existing systems, or your dreams for future capability. Each aspect of your solution will be carefully tailored to the needs of your business.

  • Hands-on Development

    We believe in the design philosophy: Release early, update often. Our clients are a part of our continuous improvement. We take early ideas and get them in front of you and your people as fast as possible. Then we iterate until everyone is satisafied with the result. Why do we do it this way? There is no better way to build a computer program than to give it to the user.

  • Nightly, Weekly, Monthly

    We take the concepts of Continuous Improvement seriously. If you want to build a web site that never changes, we are not the company for you. Instead, if you want a group that can deliver constant revisions to your ideas, then we are for you. We can take a random comment made during a meeting and deliver a working version faster than you might be used to. Our clients enjoy frequent software updates without a slightest hitch - nightly, weekly, monthly.

  • Designed for Humans

    Our founder, Steve Krile, is a Human Factors Engineer. That means he knows a lot about how humans think and react to a computer screen. That means we take very seriously the need to build systems that real humans can use.

    We understand many of our customers are fed up with computers, phones, and tablets. And for good reason! Many of the systems you are forced to rely on were built by ... well ... nerds. Nerds with no understanding of how humans actually think.

    Good news! Our nerds are "people nerds".

Our Products is a teacher site designed to help Mrs. Krile's 1st Grade parents keep up with the hustle and bustle of the year.

TCCI Laboratories Inc. is a EPA-Certified Environment Testing lab in central Ohio that offers a unique blend of in-house testing and on-site water treatment services. Our online store and customer portal is revolutionizing TCCI's approach to running their business.

PKSA Ann Arbor is a franchise of the widely successful Professional Karate Schools of America specializing in Tang Su Do Karate instruction. Our project with them is a mix of public facing marketing and social networking with a powerful back-end capability for managing the business behind the classes. is our brand new SaaS product that empowers small businesses to connect with their customers. Through our ground-breaking calendaring tools and streamlined invoicing, even a single-person company can have the power of email reminders, online payments, and synchronized calendars.

Hockettes Our implementation of social media data-centric organization requirements, is a showcase of our ability to work with media from any source while still giving our customers the personalized needs that a web application can deliver. contains links to outside feeds like Flickr, Facebook, and other social media as well as being powered by a clean back-end database for storage of member names, event dates, and other important team business.

CoreHSE Our flagship project, is a web-based application that offers Health, Safety, and Environment professionals a collection of data-management tools that help them organize all the important information of their job. is a Software As A Service product SaaS. There is nothing for you to install or set up. From the moment your subscription starts, you have FULL ACCESS to all features at

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